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"The creative is the place where no one else has ever been.
You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition.
What you’ll discover there will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself."
- Alan Alda
Please note:
Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 pandemic,
Intuitive Art classes and workshops
are not currently being offered.

Thank you for your interest!


Intuitive Art is an expressive art approach to creativity and art making. While traditional art classes tend to focus on skill and technique, Intuitive Art is all about connecting with your own creative aesthetic and intuition through the use of mixed media art materials, and allowing yourself to find "Creative Surrender" to create meaningful pieces of art.
Creative Surrender is...
  • approached as a state of being present and embodied in the moment.
  • the moment of letting go during the process of creating art, when thoughts and expectations of how art "should " look are released, and a deep listening to creative intuition occurs.
  • about giving space and allowing the piece of art to unfurl, emerge and breathe as any living organism would.
Intuitive Art and Creative Surrender
Meet Tamar
Intuitive Art Workshop


Tamar Swartz is a mixed media artist and expressive art practitioner (EAP).
She guides adults to make space for their spontaneous creative self expression by engaging with mixed media visual art.
As a lover of colour, and believer that art is life, just as life is art, Tamar holds creative space for those wanting to connect with their own creative intuition and learn how to walk the pathways of what she calls "Creative Surrender." It's a journey of creative exploration, listening and truly learning to trust yourself while in a creative process.


Intuitive Art is an expressive mixed media visual art experience where we combine collage, painting and drawing to create authentic pieces of art. In fact, we focus on the process of creating and following our own creative inspiration rather than crafting a planned outcome.

The class is highly spontaneous and playful, so, whether you’re a life long creator or simply want to experience something new, join an Intuitive Art class and be guided through a unique creative process.
Tamar Swartz has been facilitating Intuitive Art classes since 2012 for adults and seniors in Canada, United States, Hungary and Israel. She powerfully holds space for you to discover the sheer magic of art and creativity.

Please note: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Intuitive Art classes and workshops are not currently being offered.
Intuitive Art
Intuitive Art
Intuitive Art
Intuitive Art
Intuitive Art
Intuitive Art
Kind Words
Intuitive Art
Robert F.

Those hours I spent at Tamar's workshop filled me up with so much energy.  The empty canvas seemed like a closed eye, that slowly opened as I drew, painted, or stuck a piece of photo onto it. I was given space.


Time was taken care of by Tamar.  Her beautiful, gentle voice helped me to lose myself in creation. The whole experience resonates vividly whenever I just recall. Thank you, Tamar!​

Intuitive Art
Rachel W.

Tamar's amazing calm and encouraging ability to support the creative process has allowed myself and fellow participants to soar to new creative heights. She is an artist with vision, a huge heart and a creative mission.


A person the world needs to reignite and support others creative processes. As an elementary school teacher and artist I can not insist enough how essential Tamar and her Intuitive Art is needed at every level of human development!

Intuitive Art
Taylor G.

My first experience with Intuitive Art was refreshing and also relaxing. Tamar is a fantastic instructor who helped me to view art in new ways, and encouraged my creative process to flow smoothly.


At the end of the workshop, I had created a beautiful piece I connected with. I think the workshop is a really fun thing to do with friends! It was interesting to share our pieces and creative processes at the end of the session.




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