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Tamar Swartz
Tamar Swartz
My creative journey began with a series of scribbles secretly drawn on the underside of the kitchen table when I was about 3. Since then I've always been making and creating something, whether it be artwork on paper or canvas, inspired (and delicious) food or handmade postcards to send in the mail.

Growing up in a culture that believes in a "starving artist" story, I was encouraged to pursue a "practical" career path and ventured into the world of academia. I found it complex and interesting, and even excelled at it. But after completing a Masters in Sociology (Criminology), I felt unsure about where to go next. 
Culinary school to become a pastry chef?
Study therapy and work in corrections?
Work in a museum archive?
I yearned to feel alive and lit up by whatever I was doing. I had big dreams, but too many "what if" questions. After graduating and exploring all these pathways, I moved to Cape Town, South Africa where I reconnected with my love of art and the expressive possibilities of mixed media visual art.
I discovered the place where my creativity gets to play and I feel present and connected to my intuition.
Over the past decade I've been combining drawing, collage and painting to create visual narratives that are inspired by the world around me. I tend to look to nature for inspiration, and delight in shapes and textures. One thing is certain, I've always loved using colour, and you'll see that my work is often very vibrant!
As the story goes, one thing led to the next and began to I began to facilitate Intuitive Art workshops for adults and seniors in Toronto. It became a place for participants to come together and connect with the creative processes of mixed media expressive art while exploring their inner artist.
I loved this work and knew I wanted to explore it deeper!
Thus, the Journey to Creative Surrender, a project designed to walk the pathways of Creative Surrender was born.
In a big bold move I proposed the project to be developed during a 6 month international artist residency in Budapest, Hungary, and was accepted. This half year turned out to be an incredible journey of art making, collaboration and creative facilitation, as well as discovering life in a new city and culture. As my time in Budapest was coming to an end, I decided to extend my stay for an extra year and continue to bring Intuitive Art to the next level and find new, innovative ways of sharing with the world.
I'm currently back in Canada, living in Victoria, BC. I hold a Masters in Social Work and am a Registered Social Worker. I facilitate Expressive Art experiences for adults, host team building events for corporate professionals and continue to follow the pathways of Creative Surrender. [Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all art workshops have been put on hold].
Underpinning all of this work, is my unshakable belief that:
Everyone is creative.
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