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Intuitive Art
Shai B-D.

It was exciting for me to participate in the Intuitive Art workshop and to experience painting, drawing and collage. Tamar encouraged me to reconnect with my creativity and emotions, letting them flow out without judgment. During the process it was interesting to let go and to witness how art creates itself.

Intuitive Art
Helen K.

Tamar is a brilliant artist who is continually expanding her practice of process based art. My experience of her intuitive art workshops in Toronto have been overwhelmingly positive, therapeutic and creative. She provides a safe space to explore a single idea through art and let go of negative ideas in your life.

Intuitive Art
Vanessa I.

Wow! What a journey I adventure on every time I participate in Tamar’s Intuitive Art workshops. Tamar opens so much space for personal exploration, medium exploration and art exploration. Her cueing and openness, her reflections and her teachings all have inspired and transformed me through the way I view the complete experience of art and myself!

Zoe D.

Intuitive Art offers a creative and therapeutic way to explore oneself.  I know that many of us tend to bring our habits into everything that we do in life, and Intuitive Art helps shine a light on those habits and gives an opportunity to explore and even change them. It’s been a very playful and safe way for me to step out of my comfort zone and follow my intuition and I’ve found it very therapeutic.


Tamar facilitates the course beautifully. She’s warm and calm, and always seems to offer a nice suggestion just when you’ve started to think too much or question what you’re doing. I would highly recommend this for anyone who is looking to get into art, but is not sure how, or simply looking to expand their horizons, or as a way to explore yourself and transform into a more present and conscious you.

Christel E. W.

My experience with Intuitive Art guided by Tamar, has been eye-opening. I would like to call it therapeutic or even meditative. My goal when I signed up for her course was to reconnect with my creative side and start doing “fine art” again… but I was afraid of “starting again”.


To my surprise and what I loved the most, was that there is no right or wrong, no rules, and it is a completely stress-free zone when it comes to creating using mixed media and using your basic inner intuition or “feeling” as a guide in creating pieces.


Sometimes in the end I didn’t even believe what I created. I would recommend Tamar’s course to anyone, since the effect is truly magical and makes a person connect with themselves and forget the rest while being creative. I would love to continue practicing Intuitive Art on a regular basis to feel good!

Intuitive Art
Intuitive Art
Intuitive Art
Monika T.

Intuitive Art workshops have been a great opportunity for me to use my creative side again. I was looking for a place where I can make art in a free way and just concentrate on my thoughts and ideas.


Tamar gave us such a guidance that helped the process without blocking or controlling it. The atmosphere was very friendly and welcoming and all the participants felt relaxed and concentrated deeply on the moment. I was so happy to be able to express my creative energies, something I really love about myself. Thank you for having a time and place for this experience.

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