Intuitive Art is a powerful approach to creating visual art that focuses on the process of creating rather than the outcome.
Guided by the power of your own creative intuition, you will connect with your inner artist, experiment with different art materials and most importantly, feel the freedom and playfulness of letting go when you experience Creative Surrender.
Our guiding philosophy: Everyone is creative.

How We Connect With Creative Surrender


Our workshop begins with a short guided relaxation and visualization that will assist you in finding an inspired starting point for the creative journey ahead. Inspiration may come in the form of a word or quote, a colour or feeling.
Relax, listen and let Tamar guide you.
From here, Tamar will introduce all the mixed media art supplies and some fun techniques that can be used. From drawing to painting, to collage, we will work spontaneously to explore the colours, textures and designs these materials have offer individually and when combined together.
As we go along, the intention is to play, follow your intuition, and feel connected and present with yourself and your piece of art. This is when you open to experiencing Creative Surrender.
We often have a short break built in to the class, which offers a chance to step back, give your art some space and nourish your body by having a snack. 
We complete the class by spending some time reflecting on our pieces of art and the journey we went on. Tamar will lead a guided writing exercise, followed by an optional group sharing of the experience and outcomes.​ Since Intuitive Art is a powerful creative journey, participants often feel deeply moved and connected to the pieces of art they create.
Every class offers a new starting point and therefore, a new creative experience.
Tamar is currently living in Victoria, BC.
At this time she is only offering Intuitive Art workshops upon request.

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