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My teaching philosophy is grounded in the belief that everyone is creative and has a unique form of artistic expression. Through the mixed media Intuitive Art classes that I have facilitated for teenagers, adults and seniors, I have witnessed the power of creative self expression and the freedom and joy experienced when given space and permission to explore creatively.
I take on the role of a facilitator or guide for the creative process, as Intuitive Art is focused on connecting with one’s own creative intuition and inspiration, rather than learning specific artistic technical skills. While I value the role that technical skill plays within art making, I also recognize that in the expressive art context, is not a necessary factor to achieving authentic self expression. Therefore, I encourage each individual’s unique creativity and affirm that art, and all the elements that come together to make a piece of art, can be expressed in many different ways.
I facilitate in a way that balances openness and freedom with providing a structure, tools, techniques and ideas to help the creative process unfold. Art making is a process of evolution. I am continually reminded of how the process is equally as important as the outcome by witnessing the transformational power that students experience by journeying through the creative process and making a piece of art that reflects their own creative voice.
By not placing myself in a position of power such as the expert, critic or judge, I am able to cultivate an environment that promotes dynamic, playful and authentic artistic creation. I provide support and assistance, so that a feeling of safety and freedom gives way for opportunities to explore and experiment.
In line with my belief that everyone is creative, I also believe that art making needs to be accessible to everyone. I have worked with diverse groups of people who come from various socio-economic, cultural and artistic backgrounds, have different ages, physical abilities and life experiences. Accessibility and inclusivity are essential underpinnings of Intuitive Art, and I lead my classes in a way where modifications can be offered to better suit individual needs.
I find that expressive art making is therapeutic in its process with mixing media (collage, drawing and painting) as my preferred medium. Trusting the process, being present and embodied with whatever one is doing and feeling empowered to create without fear, are all life lessons that are embedded within the Intuitive Art process and ones that I aspire to impart through my teaching.
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