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Dynamic team building workshops for corporate teams looking to increase communication, build trust and make creative breakthroughs.
Intuitive Art Workshops spark creative problem solving, strengthen team cohesiveness and communication, and offer an opportunity to better know your colleagues.
What you'll do DIFFERENTLY after this workshop:
  • Increase productivity by bringing more creativity and playfulness into the workplace.
  • Reduce stress and feel more relaxed in response to challenges.
  • Co-create solutions through fostering inclusivity and valuing input and feedback from all participants.
  • Make changes that are fresh, innovative and inspired.
  • Gain expansive insight and vision into the mission of your workplace.
  • Connect with colleagues on a human level.
  • Build cooperation and teamwork rather than competition.
  • Make business decisions in line with the integrity of the company.
  • Incorporate creativity and communication techniques into decision making processes.
Sample Workshop:
  • Introduction to Intuitive Art and the concept of following intuition to gaining insight and guidance from the creative process.
  • Relax with a brief guided meditation, creating a safe environment in which to invite the creative process.
  • Identify a theme that aligns with your team's values. Example themes include: innovation, connection, growth, motivation and integrity.
  • Demonstration of Intuitive Art techniques and guided exercise to get your creativity flowing.
  • Engage with mixed media art materials (painting, collage and drawing) to explore the theme, working together or individually to create a piece of art.
  • Create and allow the piece of art to unfold organically, trusting the creative process. Tamar supports this process with invitations, prompts and tips.
  • Complete the piece of art and be facilitated in a writing reflection exercise. Gain insights from the piece of art and process of creating art.
  • Share with the group and dialogue about the group experience, insights and/or possible breakthroughs.
  • Closing guided meditation to integrate what was learned during workshop.

Tamar Swartz has been facilitating groups through the intuitive process since 2013. Creativity is essential to aligned decision making, problem solving and team building within the professional environment.


Using a combination of artistic and writing materials, Tamar offers techniques for creative breakthroughs for both personal and professional growth.

For more information regarding pricing, workshop length, capacity and bookings, contact Tamar Swartz.

Please note: Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 pandemic,
Intuitive Art Team Building workshops are not being offered at this time.
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