FLASH Pay-What-You-Feel (PWYF) SALE!

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*For display purposes only.

For a limited* time only, ALL these pieces are being offered to collectors as:

PWYF (Pay-What-You-Feel).

1. Browse these original pieces of art that draw inspiration from the wild, beautiful chaos of life.
2. If you LOVE a piece and want to see it hanging on your wall, feel into a fair price and Pay-What-You-Feel.
3. Send Tamar a message and make your PWYF offer.
4. The art will be packed and delivered to you (locally in Toronto) or shipped (US or Canada).
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*SALE ENDS: December 11, 2017 at 11:59 EST.

All these pieces come with:
  • A Certificate of Authenticity signed by Tamar
  • A short poem inspired by the piece of art
About the Artist
Tamar Swartz is a Canadian mixed media intuitive artist finding inspiration in the natural and urban environments that surround her. She uses paper, paint, ink and oil pastel to explore movement, colour, pattern and shape, and is intrigued by the stories and wisdom that each piece holds.
Send Tamar a message and become a collector!
Serious enquiries only please.


  • What does PWYF mean? 
    • Pay-What-You-Feel pricing asks you, the collector, to feel into the value of the piece and decide what you would like to pay.  If you LOVE a piece of art and want it to be your, you can choose the price.
  • Why PWYF pricing? 
    • The intention of a PWYF pricing model is to allow original art to accessible for all collectors. We ask that if you LOVE it, you align with your own integrity and feel into a fair price to make an offer.
  • What does "suggested base price" mean for PWYF? 
    • Every piece has a suggested base price listed. This is just a suggestion. If you value the piece at higher price, please share the love and offer a higher rate! If you've fallen in love with a piece, but for whatever reason can't make an offer that meets the "suggested base price", make an offer anyway! Tamar wants her art to be in homes where it is LOVED and appreciated.
  • Can I see more images of the art before I buy it?
    • Absolutely! Send Tamar a message and she will gladly share more images (larger format and detail images) of the artwork you are interested in.
  • How will my piece of art be shipped?
    • Your artwork will be safely flat-packed or securely rolled in a tube. It will be a trackable package and delivered to your door by a reputable shipping company.
  • Is shipping included?
    • For this PWYF sale, shipping is not included and is estimated to cost between $25-$40 for Canada or US. Shipping will be billed once the art is sent. 
  • How long will shipping take?
    • To keep shipping prices as low as possible, it may take up to 2 weeks for your piece to arrive.​ If you want it sooner, ask Tamar!
  • Can I pay with a credit card, PayPal or e-transfer?
    • Yes! Once you choose your piece​, Tamar will be in contact about payment options.
  • Does Tamar offer returns/refunds?
    • Since all pieces are on sale, there will be no returns or refunds. In the unlikely event the artwork is damaged upon arrival considerations will be made.​
Ready to PWYF and become a collector?

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