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Why Am I Here?
Meet Ambarella, a young oak tree with a longing to understand her purpose for being brought into the world. Just a young seedling when she looks up at her very old and very wise mother, and asks this very big question,
"Mama, why am I here?"
The very old and very wise mother replied,
"You were created from my loving thoughts.
The universe has brought you to life to find and fulfill your purpose."
And so, Ambarella's journey began. . . 
Do you know your life purpose yet? If not, be patient-look inward-and you will soon discover the beauty that awaits you.
Packed with beauty, friendship, humor, and sweetness, this is a lovely read not only for children, but for adults who have not fully realized their purpose or "dharma" and wish to learn through the lessons illustrated here.
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A selection of the WHY AM I HERE? collection is available for purchase.
If you have fallen in love with a piece, please send Tamar a message
to find out how to bring Ambarella's journey into your home!
About the Author
Amanda Bibbo is the author of Why Am I Here? An Oak Tree Finds Her Purpose, her first of many children's books, her first of many children's books. She has had articles published in a mind, body, soul connection magazine, the Journey. Amanda and her family reside in Ohio.
About the Artist
Tamar Swartz is a mixed media intuitive artist finding inspiration in the natural and urban environments that surround her. She uses paper, paint, ink and oil pastel to explore movement, colour, pattern and shape. Why Am I Here? is the first children's book Tamar has illustrated. 
  • I don't see any prices. How much does a piece cost?
    • If you've fallen in love with one of the pieces, please send Tamar a message and she will happily share all the details.
  • Can I see more images of the artwork before I buy it?
    • Absolutely! Send Tamar a message and she will gladly share more images (larger format and detail images) of the artwork you are interested in.
  • Are the images in the book the same as the original artwork?
    • Due to the inks used in the printing ​of the book, the illustrations and the original artwork differ slightly. The original artwork are more vibrant in colour, with layered collage papers, glitter and metallic paint. Although we tried our best, unfortunately these are elements the printing process can't capture.
  • How will my piece of art be shipped?
    • Your artwork will be safely flat-packed or securely rolled in a tube. It will be a trackable package and delivered to your door by a reputable shipping company.
  • Are the pieces framed?
    • No. Due to increased shipping costs and personal preferences for framing, the pieces come unframed.
  • Is shipping included?
    • For this sale, shipping is not included and is estimated to cost between $30-$50 for Canada or US. Shipping will be billed once the art is sent. 
  • How long will shipping take?
    • To keep shipping prices as low as possible, it may take up to 2 weeks for your piece to arrive.​ If you want it sooner, ask Tamar!
  • Can I pay with a credit card, PayPal or e-transfer?
    • Yes! Once you choose your piece​, Tamar will be in contact about payment options.
  • Do you offer returns/refunds?
    • In the unlikely event the artwork is damaged upon arrival considerations will be made.​ Otherwise, there will be no returns or refunds on the  Why Am I Here Collection.
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