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COURAGEOUS HEART is a series of 14 paintings that explore the depth, power and connection of two best friends as they navigate the joys and struggles of life.
It is intended to shed light on the relational complexity of chronic mental health challenges, and is positioned from the perspective of a carer, solid supporter and compassionate witness.
Courageous Heart gives voice to human experiences, rather than labels or diagnoses. It is about our ability as human beings to relate to feelings of love, fear, anger, sadness, surprise and joy. It is about our capacity to feel both the darkness and the light. It is about our need for understanding, compassion and empathy.
Courageous Heart explores the notion of “always”, or “all ways”, and what it means to show up with a Courageous Heart to be seen.
To be heard. To be loved.
This series is dedicated to all the Courageous Hearts out there, and honours each and every person who shows up to life in a way that is authentic, courageous, honest and vulnerable.
Limited Edition:
8" x 11" hardcover book
28 pages featuring the entire Courageous Heart collection
High quality glossy prints on heavy-weight paper
Lay-flat binding
Artist statement, bio and notes
$55 CAD (+ shipping)
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Photo Credit: Howard Ng
Tamar is a mixed media visual artist from Toronto, Ontario. She has been exploring emotional landscapes relating to authentic living, conscious connection, vulnerable truths and healing journeys.
Tamar’s work is brought to life through her intuitive art practice of finding Creative Surrender and allowing her art to unfold organically. She uses colour, patterns and forms to create emotional landscapes that play between real and imaginary, magic and mundane.
The visual narrative evolves when figures find their place within these spaces. Stories are woven in and there are meanings in the metaphors.
She has recently completed a Master's of Social Work in BC, and plans to integrate expressive arts into her practice.
  • Can I see more images from Courageous Heart before I buy the book?
    • Absolutely! Browse the whole Courageous Heart series here.
  • Pick-up and Shipping:
    • If you live in Toronto, ON/Victoria BC, we can arrange free pick up.
    • If you live elsewhere in Canada, the flat rate is $15 for shipping.
    • If you live in the USA, there is a flat rate of $20 for shipping.
  • Why is shipping so costly?
    • I've researched to find the cheapest rates for shipping. Unfortunately, these are the lowest rates I've come across. If you have other ideas for discount shipping, please let me know!
  • How long will shipping take?
    • The Courageous Heart book will be shipped by Canada Post or another reputable courier.​ Depending where you live, it can be 5-10 business days.
  • How do I pay?
    • You can pay via Pay Pal using the Buy Now buttons on this page. If you'd rather do an e-transfer, that can be arranged too.
  • Do you offer returns/refunds?
    • There will be no returns or refunds. In the unlikely event the book is damaged upon arrival, considerations will be made.
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